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Who we work with


For three months every year, Babel Guesthouse is the home to Norwegian Tourism students. The company, Globalstudies, is a Norwegian registered shareholder company, founded by Katrine Solhaug and Simen Julner. In cooperation with the Norwegian School of Hotel Management, we offer our students the chance to take part of their Bachelor degree in Siem Reap, and specialize in Responsible Tourism. By taking a part of their studies in Siem Reap, a city with many well-established Responsible Tourism operators, they will get a wider understanding of their studies. By visiting such operators, and by contributing to the local society themselves, the students will learn by doing - not just learn by reading. Our Globalstudies students actively support our Babel Educational Program, and one day every year they walk around the streets of Siem Reap picking garbage. Their friends and family back in Norway sponsor the garbage picking, and this gives great support that enables us to continue giving our staff higher education.

The class of 2012:

Globalstudies web page:

For a deeper understanding of Globalstudies, watch the video below.

Child Safe International

We are proud members of Child Safe International. Child Safe is an international network that consists of local and international people, businesses and groups that protects children from abuse and prevents them from being placed in abusive situations. For more information see

Being Child Safe members, our staff and Tuk Tuk drivers are trained in:

  • Making our guests aware of the dangers many Cambodian kids get subjected to. Guests are asked to contact Child Safe if they notice any suspicious activity involving children.
  • Giving our guests the information about thinking twice before buying anything from the kids on the streets. By doing this you only encourage them to stay on the streets instead of going to school. There are many better ways to help Cambodian kids to get a brighter future.
  • Recommend the guests to visit well run places that focus on the local community, such as the local hospital where they can give blood, the handicap training center, schools, workshops, restaurants, cafés and museums.


Babel Guesthouse is also a businesses member of ConCERT, an NGO which helps support well run NGOs across Cambodia. For more information see