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Reviews & Articles

Over the years we have gotten many different articles, reviews and media coverage related to Babel Guesthouse, our Educational Program and Globalstudies. Read them by clicking on the links below. 

Here is a video of Globalstudies - the company founded by Katrine Solhaug and Simen Julner (owners of Babel Guesthouse) in cooperation with the Norwegian School of Hotel Management. Katrine Solhaug is interviewed  in this video in front of majestic Angkor Wat.

Below you can hear an interview on Norwegian Radio, NRK P1, with Katrine Solhaug, owner of Babel Guesthouse and founder of Babel Educational Program and Globalstudies.

Below is a review of Babel Guesthouse, made by DIY Travel Show. Katrine Solhaug is interviewed in Babels tropical garden, in some of the rooms, and while having service training and english lessons for the staff in the classroom on the rooftop of Babel.

Below you can read reviews from previous customers who have stayed with us at Babel. We eager to improve and highly value constructive feedback from our guests. And after you stay, please consider writing your candid comments - it may also be useful for future travellers.